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Rajat Kumar Bose, Research Analyst, SEBI Registration # INH300003074.
1. Positional Trading cum Delivery Pick Newsletter.

This newsletter is the only service available from us. Here, you would be getting suggestions for buying stocks mostly for medium to long term. However, sometimes short-term recos would also be there. In any case, the primary goal would be to seek long term capital appreciation.

This newsletter would evolve as we go along while keeping our definite chief aim of long term capital appreciation. Our avowed goal would be to seek and find capital compounders.

Three or a maximum four issues a month. Long term recommendations may also contain fundamental information as well.

This would be our only service that would be available from May 2017.
The subscription details are as follows:

Annual subscription charges Rs 14,950/- inclusive of all taxes.
You need to send—as KYC-- your Aadhar Card clear image for both sides at the time of subscription payment as an attachment through email.
No cash deposit is acceptable as subscription payment.

Send payment to:

A/c name: Rajat K Bose
A/c Number: 000601003954
Branch IFSC Code: ICIC0000983
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
City: Kolkata

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