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Rajat Kumar Bose, Research Analyst, SEBI Registration # INH300003074.
1. Delivery Picks Newsletter

This is a newsletter that would offer trading and/or investment opportunities for short and medium to long-term horizons. The recommendations are based primarily on technical analysis but in some cases fundamental parameters are also consulted before choosing the picks. Recommendations are given on all time horizons: short-term (few days to few weeks), medium-term (few months), and long-term (one year or more). Each newsletter issue is likely to contain minimum one to a maximum of three stock recommendations. Occasionally, there can be more than three recommendations. Levels given as targets and stop-loss are all spot levels unless otherwise stated.

It is published every month three times: 7th, 17th and 27th of every month. It is sent only via email. It would reach you normally before the trading hours of that date. The universe of stocks that are studied for choosing the picks is populated by small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap ones listed either in the NSE or the BSE or both.

If any further clarifications are needed, send an email to arkaybee@gmail.com

Subscription offering:
Annual subscription: 36 issues for Rs 18,000/- inclusive of all taxes.

How to pay:
Please do an NEFT/IMPS transaction in my favor using the following details:

Account Name: Rajat Kumar Bose
Account Number: 00141600004623
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
IFSC Code: HDFC0000014
Branch: Central Plaza, Kolkata

Please provide the following:

Address (as per Aadhar):
Mobile #
Aadhar #:

Scanned images of PAN and Aadhar must be sent as attachments with your email to arkaybee@gmail.com along with payment details.

Please Note:

We do not have any other services available. And we do not provide any intraday trading call service in any form. We also do not recommend any broker, nor do we provide any broking services.


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